…and babies make five!

I was recently contacted by my cousin-in law (is that the right term?  I don’t even know…but my husband’s cousin’s wife is a little too cumbersome of a term) about doing a session for her new family of five.  They have an eight year old son who is now a big brother to the cutest twin sisters I ever did see.  I’d have to imagine it’s a huge adjustment… being an only child for eight years and then not only having one sibling but two at once.  After seeing him with his baby sisters, I’m certain that he is in love with them, and what lucky little girls they are to have such an amazing big brother!

Here’s a little snippet of their session!


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One of the perks of my job is seeing all these kids year after year; watching them grow and their developing personalities.

These two aren’t twins, though I bet they are mistaken for twins all the time.  They are irish twins though, and from what I saw of them, best friends as well.  It’s always fun seeing your girls, Tracy…. I look forward to the next time!


Marilyn Vittorini - These 2 sisters are gorgeous Princesses!
Adorable, precious fabulous and I’m proud
To be thei Nonna! L